Solatube v’s Lightwell

Is a Solatube sun tunnel as bright as a skylight – you’ll be surprised at the results…

We recently installed a 35cm dia Solatube for customers in their kitchen.  However, previously they had installed a number of light-wells with a Velux style roof window above, throughout the property to also try to light up dark rooms and areas.

This presented a great opportunity to demonstrate just why a Solatube sun tunnel is so much better than a Velux style roof window /skylight with a light-well beneath it.

In this instance the light well is a good size at approximately 900 x 600mm square (3’x2’); the Solatube is only 350mm dia (14”); that makes the Solatube around 5.5 times smaller in terms of area, yet wait until you see the results.

Just take a quick look again at the video where we show the light meter reading beneath the Velux style roof window and then the Solatube…

Skylight and lightwell 32 lux

Solatube 44 lux – around 1/3 brighter

Even though it is so much smaller (not to mention easier and cheaper to install), the light meter shows that the Solatube sun tunnel is delivering more than 1/3, or around 33%, more light, from a much smaller aperture.

Not to mention that the Solatube sun tunnel is far more thermally efficient, losing much less heat than the big hole in the ceiling. Plus it doesn’t suffer from noise when it rains.

So why would anyone install a roof window and light-well when a Solatube sun tunnel is so much better?

  • The Solatube sun tunnel is smaller and takes up less space, both in the ceiling and in the loft space.
  • The Solatube sun tunnel is far more thermally efficient – it’s a smaller area, plus it is a sealed tube of air which makes for excellent insulation, unlike the large open void in your ceiling.
  • The Solatube sun tunnel is si well insulated that even when it’s raining you don’t suffer from any loud drumming noise as you often do with Velux style roof lights
  • The Solatube is quicker, easier AND cheaper to install than the light well option.

And of course, not forgetting the primary reason for installing one – the Solatube sun tunnel is brighter, delivering far more light than a skylight and light well.

It’s a no-brainer.  What’s not to love…?

Find out what makes the Solatube so efficient here

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